Frederic Chopin

practical analysis and guide

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Lessons Overview

A closer look at the preludes in general

Lesson 01: Introduction

Lesson 02: What is a prelude?

Lesson 03: Chopin as a pianist and teacher

Lesson 04: If you can't sing, you can't play the piano!

Lesson 05: Fingering

Lesson 06: Key sequences

Lesson 07: Categories of preludes

Analyzing individual preludes

Lesson 08: Prelude No.3 in G Major

Lesson 09: Prelude No.4 in E Minor

Lesson 10: Prelude No.6 in B Minor

Lesson 11: Prelude No.7 in A Major

Lesson 12: Prelude No.10 in C Sharp Minor

Lesson 13: Practice advice



Free lesson No.1: Chopin as a pianist and teacher

Free lesson No.2: Surprise :-)

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to work efficiently on technically difficult passages and how to interpret select preludes.
  • A deeper understanding of tempo rubato and how to implement it in Chopin's music.
  • Understanding of the full cycle of preludes and background information on the history of select preludes.
  • Some preludes, especially the ones in E Minor, B Minor and A Major, are very popular and often one of the first classical pieces being played by students. Knowing the background of these pieces will advance your interpretational skills and opens up your emotions to a new connection with Chopin's music.

What will you NOT learn in this course?

This course is not a tone-by-tone "press this key, then this key" demonstrational video. We expect you to be able to play these pieces already but may be struggling with some technical challenges and seek refinement and better understanding.

Frederic Chopin - Preludes

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