How to avoid pain and tension in your arms and how to develop a rocksolid piano playing technique.

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Lessons Overview

1. Basic Exercises

Lesson 01: "Dusting off"

Lesson 02: "Parachute"

Lesson 03: Wrist rotation

Lesson 04: Bridge

Lesson 05: Down with pressure

Lesson 06: Up with pressure

Lesson 07: "Shackle" exercise No.1

Lesson 08: "Shackle" exercise No.2

Lesson 09: Trill exercise

3. Arpeggio Exercises

Lesson 01: "Smacking"

Lesson 02: The accelerating arpeggio

Lesson 03: Adding a note

Lesson 04: Arpeggio run through

2. Scale Exercises

Lesson 01: Omission exercise

Lesson 02: "Jumping off"

Lesson 03: "Smacking"

Lesson 04: Thumb crossing exercise

Lesson 05: Thumb switch

Lesson 06: Adding a note

Lesson 07: Increase the speed

Lesson 08: Scale run through

4. Chord Exercises

Lesson 01: Going outwards and inwards

Lesson 02: Parallel motion

5. Final Exercises

Lesson 01: Chromatic Scale

Lesson 02: Stretching



Basic Exercise 01 "Dusting Off"

Basic Exercise 02 "Parachute"

Scale Exercise 04 Thumb crossing exercise

Scale Exercise 05 Thumb switch

What will you learn in this course?

  • Develop a solid and reliable technique that you can depend on
  • Learn how to avoid pain and tension in your arm when practicing
  • How to even out your fingering technique
  • Develop the independence of your left and right hand when playing

Develop good habits for your piano playing skills, relaxed arms, good body posture, solid and confident technique.

Danae Dörken - Basic Technique Building Exercises

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