This is my story

Many of you have asked who I am and why I founded this pianist academy - so here we are.


Hi, I'm Jeff, creator of Jeff's Pianist Academy

My journey started way back in the late 1980's when my father introduced me to our square grand at our home in Vienna, Austria. 

While I never enjoyed formal education on playing piano I always had incredible teachers who were/are on-stage pianists, they're in business.

Manuel Escalante Aguilar

My first professional introduction to piano was through this genius with a fantastic sense of humor.

Born in Mérida, Mexico, he began his piano studies at age six. Later he entered the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria, finishing his diploma as pianist under the direction of pianist and pedagogue Carmen Graf Adnet, in 1993.

Manuel Escalante has participated in various training courses with teachers such as Reah Sadowsky, Hans Graf and Carmen Graf.

Winner of several prizes of important National and International Contests.

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Manuel Escalante left Europe for studies and performances in Mexiko and later Spain so I was stranded and through a coincidence was introduced to:

Eduard Kutrowatz

Eduard Kutrowatz studied piano as well as percussion and worked intensively for many years with sound-body of a choir.

The focus of his pianistic activity has been playing on 2 pianos with his brother Johannes, as well as recitals with renowned singers of his generation.

Eduard Kutrowatz is teacher at the university of music and performing arts in Vienna as well as artistic director of the international Liszt Festival in Raiding (Burgenland, Austria).

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 Photo: Julia Wesely