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When my father played piano during my early childhood, I had no idea it would mesmerize me so much that I'd spend the rest of my life improving my piano skills.

Luckily my family always encouraged me to play piano and so I had the first few lessons from him. Soon he hired a classical pianist to tutor me. Having the right teacher is most important on how your skills will develop and whether or not you will actually enjoy playing piano. And I was in luck - my first teacher was Manuel Escalante Aguilar. I owe him my continued passion for piano playing and my core skills. Unfortunately for me he left Austria after his studies and so I had to look for a new teacher and through my Mother I got connected to Eduard Kutrowatz. At that time I was learning Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody Nr.2. Little did I know that Eduard Kutrowatz and his brother Johannes Kutrowatz devote their lives to honoring Franz Liszt who was born in a small town in Raiding. A concert hall has been built at Liszt's birth place and the brothers soon took over the artistic leadership of the Liszt festival. That is to say - I probably had the right piece for us to connect immediately. 

Manuel Escalante Aguilar


Born in Mérida, Mexico, he began his piano studies at age six. Later he entered the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria, finishing his diploma as pianist under the direction of pianist and pedagogue Carmen Graf Adnet, in 1993.

Manuel Escalante has participated in various training courses with teachers such as Reah Sadowsky, Hans Graf and Carmen Graf.

Winner of several prizes of important National and International Contests.

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Eduard Kutrowatz

Eduard Kutrowatz studied piano as well as percussion and worked intensively for many years with sound-body of a choir.
The focus of his pianistic activity has been playing on 2 pianos with his brother Johannes, as well as recitals with renowned singers of his generation.
Eduard Kutrowatz is teacher at the university of music and performing arts in Vienna as well as artistic director of the international Liszt Festival in Raiding (Burgenland, Austria).

More information: www.eduardkutrowatz.com

 Photo: Julia Wesely


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