Guide to Hanon Piano Exercises

beginner tutorial Jun 05, 2024

'The Virtuoso Pianist' by Charles-Louis Hanon, is a staple since 1873. This video is divided into three sections, starting with preparatory exercises, moving on to scale and arpeggio work, and culminating in advanced techniques for mastering technical difficulties. It's recommended to practice these exercises slowly with a metronome, gradually increasing speed, ensuring each note is played meticulously.
Despite their popularity, Hanon's exercises have their critics, with some arguing they lack musicality and overemphasize the left hand, potentially leading to imbalance and tightness. Others question the practicality of dedicating an hour daily to these exercises over other repertoire. For beginners, it's advised to seek a teacher to ensure correct technique and to possibly start with the left hand to address its needs more thoroughly.
Hanon's exercises are celebrated for their simplicity, appeal over scales and arpeggios, and effectiveness in developing finger independence. However, alternatives like Czerny exist for those seeking variety.


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